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Gorilla Bruno Mars Download Mp3

Bruno Mars Gorilla Mp3 Download

He’s penned hits for artist like Lil Wayne, Travie McCoy and helped B.O.B. get his first and only number 1 single. Bruno Mars the Hawaiian native has become one of the biggest popstars around the world. His style, swagger, energy and passion for his music has attracted millions of fans attention. Not to mention his music is critically acclaimed with over a dozen Grammy nominations the 28 year old is one of music’s most celebrated. His latest single Gorilla is an intense passionate single that could get the dead aroused. Mars’ songwriting skills are impeccable and he continues to showcase it with Gorilla.

Bruno Mars debuted the single Gorilla at the MTV Video Music Awards. The visually stunning performance helped the song become one of radio’s most requested songs that week. Although he was out twerked by Miley Cyrus Bruno’s performance received great reviews. That week the single also debuted at number 60 on Billboard Hot 100 selling over 60,000 copies. It has since peaked at number #22 on the same charts. He also went in on the Super Bowl giving the song another awesome visual aide.

He describes his sexual experience as wild and natural as Gorilla’s in he jungle. Gorilla’s edgy romantic vibe gets it’s influence from legend Prince. Prince is one of Bruno’s musical influences. Prince shares the same respect for Bruno admiring his performance style and originality. The song also has a remix featuring the king of baby making music R. Kelly and Hip Hop producer Pharrell. It doesn’t get more thrilling than that.


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